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Caribbean Gumbo Recipe

Sometimes when you're in a third-world, or up-and-coming country, you need to improvise on ingredients. When you can't speak the language and everything is foreign, trying to find the right produce can be difficult. Nevertheless, we discovered how to make a Gumbo in the Caribbean and wanted to share it with everyone. Here are the ingredients and the steps as follows.


1. Make sure to have Celery, Bell Peppers, Yellow Onion, Purple Onion Chopped and Ready!

2. Begin by stirring 20 grams of butter (or bacon grease) in a pot until it's golden brown! (Don't burn)

3. Next, throw in your chopped vegetables you did in step one. Stir and mix for 10 minutes.

4. Fill the pot with 70% water and throw on six blocks of Beef Bouillon. Stir for 10 minutes.

5. Put a lid on your pot and let it simmer.

6. Chop two things of Andouille Sausage and throw into the pot.

7. Add Finely Chopped Chicken Breast and Detailed Shrimp.

8. Last, add chopped Okra.

9. Let it boil and cook the meat for a half hour to forty-five minutes.

10. Eat!

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Tiny Taste Testers
Tiny Taste Testers
16. Jan. 2020

We have since made this three times.

Gefällt mir
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